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We would like you to have a high degree of conviction that your loved ones are alive and well, living on the next planes of life. In our spiritually backward culture today, some doubt is natural and normal. However, if you have a lot of doubt or are a real skeptic, that will interfere with your getting messages from them.

It probably isn't a good idea to work at communicating with them to prove to yourself that the afterlife is a reality. That will mean you're starting from an attitude of considerable doubt. The doubt you bring will make your connection less likely, so you probably will be disappointed when you don't have the communication you expect. That will lead you to have even more doubt, decreasing the possibility of connecting even more. I don't want to discourage you from going through the training. Just realize that if you have lots of doubts, you will have difficulty opening yourself up to receiving the communication.

Receiving communications from those on the next planes of life is not like hearing someone speak to you from another room. When someone on this plane speaks to you, you receive the messages involuntarily; you can't escape hearing the voice. In these efforts to have afterlife connections, the messages are subliminal, and won't be in audible voices at all. They will be in thoughts, impressions, feelings, and subtle knowing. You won't receive them until you bring yourself into a state of mind in which you can let them into your consciousness.

Doubt will become especially strong after you've been working at learning to be open and receptive for the first sessions and nothing seems to you to have happened. You may need to be patient, so you have to have the conviction that your loved one is available to communicate because he or she is alive on the next plane of life.

If you have strong doubts, try to stay with the procedure and be patient. If you do have a connection, it certainly will increase your conviction about the reality of the afterlife and their presence.

Some Doubt is Natural and Normal

However, it's natural and normal to have some doubt. Our culture is so spiritually backward that we were reared to doubt the reality of our eternal lives, even though the religions teach about eternal life. We all continue to second guess what we're getting. Even the mediums will tell you that. They sometimes say to themselves, "Is this all for real?" Of course, it is real. We who study afterlife connections have no doubt about it, from the point of view of looking at the connections people are getting. But that still doesn't stop us from that natural human feeling of doubt.

Don't let your doubts stop you or slow you down. They will lessen as you have more experiences.

Growing in Conviction

The way you will come to have conviction that the afterlife is as real as this life is to immerse yourself in the many resources now available on the afterlife and afterlife connections: books, YouTubes describing what we know, audio recordings of radio interviews with experts on the afterlife, videos of near-death experiencers, websites devoted to the afterlife and afterlife connections, and groups that come together to share knowledge. Devote time to your study every day. You will come away with conviction.

These are some resources. You don't have to read them to go through the stages. But they will be very helpful in teaching you about the afterlife, eternal life, and afterlife communication.



YouTube Videos

Watch YouTube videos of highly competent mediums doing sessions with people. In Google, type "YouTube" and the names of any of these well-known mediums: Lisa Williams, John Holland, George Anderson, Gordan Smith, Theresa Caputo (the Long Island medium), James van Praagh, Colin Fry (The Three Mediums show), and Anne Germain. I don't mean to suggest other mediums aren't equally talented. I'm just suggesting mediums who have YouTubes of their readings you can watch.

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