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A Short Exercise in Imagining a Dialogue

This Stage gives you a way to connect through starting an imaginary dialogue and letting it unfold. If you had a connection in Stage 3 or Stage 4, you could skip this stage. It's up to you. Click on the link in the left column or go to /PW/Stage6/Stage6.htm Write down the user name and password for Stage 6. The user name is guided (all lowercase, no capitals). The password is 6 (just the numeral).


The Two Stage 5 Activities

Stage 5 is in two parts. In the first part, you will daydream a dialogue with the loved one with whom you want to connect. You will write the dialogue and submit it. This exercise will help us understand how well you can use your imagination to create a dialogue.

In this daydream, you aren't going into a deeply relaxed state, and you're controlling the daydream as you do all of the daydreams you have. However, if you start to have a connection that is unfolding on its own, allow it to unfold. Stop daydreaming and have the connection. In other words, give up control and allow it to unfold.

The Recordings

The sound bars below will play the recordings in Windows Media, Real Player, or Quicktime, depending on which media player you have installed.

Now, put on the earphones and click on the "Play" arrow on one of the sound bars to listen to the recording. It is the second symbol on the sound bar. Adjust the volume on your computer so the sound is comfor to you.


If the Recordings Don't Play for You

If you have tried to link to the recordings and none play for you, click on this link to download the recordings: Download the Recordings.







Stage 6

Now, click on the link below to go to the Stage 6.

Stage 6
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