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Download the Recordings

If the recordings have not been playing for you using the sound bars, download them to your computer and listen to them using the sound software on you computer. Download all of the recordings so you don't have to wait for them to download when you're going through them. The recordings are numbered so you know the order in which to play them.

To download them, start by making a directory in which to store them. You can locate them easily there. Then put your cursor over the name of the link below and click with the right mouse button. In the menu of options that appears, select "Save target as..." You will be given the option to find a place to store the recording. Double-click on the folder you just created for storing the recordings. The folder will open. Click on "Save" to save the recording.

After you have saved the two recordings, put on your earphones. Open the software you use to play audio files. In that software program, open the first recording and play it. When that one is finished, go on to the second, and so on.

Download the Recordings




Your Journal

You have just finished listening to the recording in which you experienced unfoldment. Now, click on the link below to go to the journal-entry form. On that form, please describe what happened during this experience. Be detailed. After that, give us comments about the procedure. If something was good for you, let us know that. If something didn't work for you, let us know that. If the pace was too fast or too slow, let us know that. Tell us about your experience and your comments about the procedure. Thanks.

Link to the journal
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