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Self-guiding Your Afterlife Connection after Listening to a Relaxation Recording

In this second part of Stage 5, you will interact with your loved one on the next plane of life on your own by listening to a recording in which I bring you into a state of relaxation. You will take over entirely to make the connection. After you are in a relaxed state, go to that beautiful place where love is. Ask your loved one to come to you. Ask a question. You must ask questions to receive responses. Accept anything that comes in response. Let it unfold. Sense what you believe the response to be even if it isn't clear, and respond to it.

You will carry on the dialogue with whatever impressions of responses you feel you're getting. If the response from them seems vague or even if you don't sense a response, don't wait for something more definite. Respond to what you believe your loved one is saying or might say. The important principle for this stage is to keep up the dialogue, even if the responses you're getting aren't as definite as you'd like them to be. You just completed a dialogue in the previous exercise. Keep up the same type of dialogue here.

Ask questions. That doesn’t disturb the unfoldment. It just sets up the content for the unfoldment to occur. Then wait for an impression of a response. That’s when the unfoldment happens. You may get just a sense of an answer. You may get words or a picture. You may get what seems to be nothing. But it isn’t nothing. The subtle communication is coming to you that your mind isn’t able to register yet.

Respond with what you’re feeling and thinking, just as you would if you were carrying on a conversation with someone. Then relax and let their new response unfold. It could be an impression or words or a picture or something else. Thank them for that or respond with your feelings and thoughts. Ask questions if questions come to you. Then be aware of any impressions or feelings you get in response. Keep up this dialogue without long pauses unless during a pause, you're getting something from them.

As you keep up the dialogue, it will be easier for those subconscious, subtle messages to come through. Even if nothing seems to be coming, you’ll find that as the dialogue continues with your allowing what you think they would say to come, the messages become more obviously not what is coming from you. You’re allowing the subtle messages to come from them. You learn how to do that. It's a skill. You'll learn it by keeping the dialogue going allowing what you feel they would respond with to come through.

After you have connected for awhile, you may ask for a validation. A validation is some evidence that he or she is communicating with you. Ask for something you couldn't know about that can be verified later. They're very open to giving you validations. They want you to be sure it is them as much as you do. The response to this request my be a sense or impression or something more tangible. Accept whatever comes.

When you're ready to come out of the experience, just say this to yourself. Don't worry about the wording. Just remember to count to five, feeling yourself become more awake with each count.

I will now come out of this relaxed state on the count of five, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

One, I am ready to come out of the state.

Two, I am becoming aware of the chair

Three, I am noticing sounds and the room

Four, I am awake ready to open my eyes.

Five, I am now opening my eyes, fully energized.

Remember to ask questions or make statements. Then wait for responses to unfold.

You should have set aside 15 to 30 minutes of time when you are in a quiet area without interruptions. Bring no cell phones to the area. Tell your family or others living with you that you are not to be disturbed. You should be wearing comfor clothing, preferably without belts or other restrictions. A jogging suit is ideal. You should be sitting in a comfor chair or recliner, not laying down.

IMPORTANT: You're participating in the Center for Spiritual Understanding's research to help humankind make connections with people on the next planes of life. When you started, you agreed that to have access to the recordings, you would fill out a journal describing what happened to you in this experience. After you've gone through these recordings, please follow through with your agreement by writing in the journal as explained at the end of this page.

Carry on a Dialogue

Now you will go into relaxation and carry on a dialogue. You will start with a daydream. Let the daydream flow naturally. After a while, you may find the experience changing into a dialogue with your loved one. If it doesn't, then you just need to practice this step. Repeat it for your next session. Keep doing it until you have a conversation with your loved one.

The Recordings

The sound bars below will play the recordings in Windows Media, Real Player, or Quicktime, depending on which media player you have installed.

Now, put on the earphones and click on the "Play" arrow on one of the sound bars to listen to the recording. It is the second symbol on the sound bar. Adjust the volume on your computer so the sound is comfor to you.


If the Recordings Don't Play for You

If you have tried to link to the recordings and none play for you, click on this link to download the recordings: Download the Recordings.




Your Journal

You have just finished listening to the recording in which you attempted to connect with your loved one living on the next plane of life. Now, click on the link below to go to the journal-entry form. On that form, please describe what happened during this experience. Be detailed. After that, give us comments about the procedure. Thanks.

Link to the journal
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