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Download the Recordings

If the recording has not been playing for you using the sound bar, download it to your computer and listen to it using the sound software on your computer.

To download it, start by making a directory in which to store them. You can locate it easily there. Then put your cursor over the name of the link below and click with the right mouse button. In the menu of options that appears, select "Save target as..." You will be given the option to find a place to store the recording. Double-click on the folder you just created for storing the recordings. The folder will open. Click on "Save" to save the recording.

You could set your Windows Media Player or Real Player to loop, so that the meditation music plays over and over until you stop it. To do so, follow these instructions:

In the Windows Media Player, open the Windows Media Player and click on “Play” on the toolbar across the top. You will see the option “Repeat.” Make sure it has a check mark beside it. If it does not, click on "Repeat" to turn that option on. The check mark should appear.

In RealPlayer, open the RealPlayer program. Click on the “RealPlayer” name in italics in the upper left corner, and click on “Play.” In the list of options, you will see "Continuous Play." Make sure that it has a check mark beside it. If it does not, click on "Continuous Play" and the check mark will appear.

After you have saved the recording, put on your earphones. Open the software you use to play audio file. In that software program, open the recording and play it.

Download the Recording

30-minute recording: Stage_6_Recording_1.mp3

60-minute recording: Stage_6_Recording_2.mp3



This is the procedure you follow to go into the state of relaxation:

  1. Feel yourself breathing for a few minutes.
  2. Relax the muscles from your head to your feet.
  3. Count down from 20 to 1, becoming more relaxed with each count.
  4. Feel the white light of protection flowing over you.
  5. Go deeply into the part of your subconscious where love is by counting from 5 to 1, feeling love for your family, humankind, and your loved ones who have passed.
  6. Go to the place of great beauty. Recall what it feels like to be there and you will be there.
  7. Begin to connect with your loved one.

This is the procedure.

Sit comfortably with your legs and arms not crossed. Then close your eyes. Become aware of your breathing. Breathe for a couple of minutes before starting the relaxation script that follows. Don't worry about memorizing it. Just focus on relaxing. Say something like these statements, slowly:

As I breathe out, I breathe out tension. I am slowly going into a state of deep relaxation. I am going deeper and deeper and deeper, into a state of deep relaxation. Each and every muscle of my body is now loose and restful. Everything is so peaceful and quiet.

My jaw and face muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

My shoulder muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

My arm muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

My wrist and hand muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

My chest muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

My stomach muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

My back muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

My thighs muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

My calves and feet muscles are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

Ten, my whole body is relaxed.

I am now in a state of deep relaxation, going still deeper and deeper and deeper. My whole body, from the top of the head to the toes of my legs, is totally relaxed. Deeper and deeper, feeling better and better, quieter and quieter.

Now I will count from 20 to one, and with each count, I will go deeper into a relaxed state.

20, 19, deeper, 18, 17, deeper, 16, 15 deeper, . . .

I can feel the white light that is the love of the Higher Power flowing over me, from my head to my feet, protecting me from all negative influences and negative energies. [Envision that.] Only the highest spiritual energies can come to me.

Now I'm in the place of great beauty where love is. [Envision it.] I know _______ is here with me. [Begin your dialogue now.]

After you're relaxed by going through this procedure, you don't have to think words to yourself. Go to that beautiful place where love is. Let it unfold. Just intend to be there. Go through the door to the afterlife. Ask your loved one to come to you. Ask questions. Accept anything that unfolds. You may have a sense of their presence or a feeling of love. You may have a dialogue. Accept whatever comes. Let it unfold.

When you're ready to come out of the experience, just say this to yourself. Don't worry about the wording. Just remember to count to five, feeling yourself become more awake with each count.

I will now come out of this relaxed state on the count of five, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

One, I am ready to come out of the state.

Two, I am becoming aware of the chair.

Three, I am noticing sounds and the room.

Four, I am awake ready to open my eyes.

Five, I am now opening my eyes, fully energized.

Your Journal

You have just finished listening to the recording in which you experienced unfoldment. Now, click on the link below to go to the journal-entry form. On that form, please describe what happened during this experience. Be detailed. After that, give us comments about the procedure. If something was good for you, let us know that. If something didn't work for you, let us know that. If the pace was too fast or too slow, let us know that. Tell us about your experience and your comments about the procedure. Thanks.

Link to the journal
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