Self-Guided Afterlife Connections





Becoming Aware of the Sense of Presence

You have completed the Stages in the Training so you are able to connect with people close to you who are living on the next plane of life. Now you are going to practice becoming aware of presence and starting a brief dialogue.

What the sense of presence is

The sense of presence is the feeling you get that someone in spirit is near. It is a sense that is as real as the senses of sight and hearing. You may already be experiencing the sense of presence, or you may not have been able to feel it yet. The focus of this stage is to help you become aware of the sense of presence so you can have a connection at that time.

The sense of presence is a feeling: "I just feel like he's with me now." It's a sense we're not taught to be aware of today. We don't hear people talk about it, so we don't learn to experience it. If in childhood, we had been sitting at the supper and heard Dad say, "I sense Grandma is with us right now. Say Hi to Grandma," we would have learned to be sensitive to the sense. As children, we didn't hear those words, of course, so now we have to learn to become aware of the sense as adults. The sense or presence has always been there, but we don't recognize it. Now, you just have to realize what it feels like so when you feel the sense of presence, you'll notice it and respond to the person in spirit. The purpose of this training research is to teach you how to recognize the sense of presence.

We don't know whether everyone can become sensitive to this sense. We do know that it's a native sense that people commonly talk about. We believe most people can learn to notice and respond to it. Your cooperation in this research will help us understand more about how to help people experience the sense of presence.

One woman's example

This is an example from the journal of a woman who came to understand the sense of presence she experienced. Her body reacted with a shiver. How someone receives the sense of presence will differ depending on the person. The shiver is just one type of body response:

I could "hear" him but only with my mind. I always write it as a conversation but I have never once "heard" Byron. It is always a knowing as if it's his thought in my head.

I asked again, if the shivers were from him. (There are not subtle but a hard body shaking shiver. They feel kind of good. Weird, I know.)

"I already told you.", was his reply. (See below)

I said, "They come when I'm not even thinking about you."

Byron said, "I'm thinking about you."

I said," I love them. "

Back in the Spring of this year, I asked Cole to give me a sign and tell me if the shivers came from him. It didn't occur to me that it might be him until then. I shiver when I'm not cold and for no reason at all, and hard enough that my close friends wondered what was causing it. I said to show me signs associated with cold if it came from him. Within a 5 minute time span I saw a realtor sign with the last name Frost, a billboard reminder to get your car's a/c checked, and when I turned on the radio the lyrics were "When it's gettin' cold outside". I googled the lyrics and the cd that the song was on. The song before it was "Shiver".

Step 1: Recall when you've experienced a sense
              of presence

The first step is to think back to whether you've felt like someone in spirit has been present with you. It might have been feeling the presence in a room, in the car, at some place you both knew, or any other location. It very possibly could have happened in the days after the person or pet's passing.

This isn't referring to experiences such as dreams of the person or pet, unusual groups of butterflies, coins you keep finding, numbers that appear regularly, or other physical occurrances. Those are real connections, and the person in spirit is there when those things happen. However, for this training, we're focusing only on the sense that the person or pet is present with you that you feel in your mind or body or both.


If you have had a sense of presence at some time, click on this link:

I have had a sense of presence.

If you have had no sense of presence at any time, click on this link:

I have had no sense of presence.