Self-Guided Afterlife Connections






Step 2: Become aware of the sense of presence

You can become aware of the sense of presence by noticing a distinct feeling you get. You will know you have the sense of presence when it suddenly occurs to you that the person on the next plane of life is there. That realization is the sense of presence, and it's very accurate.

It will come to you when you're not intending it to come. It will be a surprise. If you chance upon a photograph of the person and think of them, that isn't a surprise. If you see a number that matches their birth date that you see over and over, that isn't the time I want you to focus on now. The feeling was stimulated by the photograph or by the numbers. The person likely was focusing on you to have you look at the photograph or look at the license place because the numbers were there. But for this first training in becoming aware of the sense of presence, you're going to limit the sense of presence you notice to those times when it comes as a surprise, when you're not in the presence of something that will remind you of the person or pet.

This is why. Your subconscious won't fool you. It can't lie. What comes up from your subconscious is coming from another source. If you aren't thinking about the person or pet in spirit and you're interrupted in what you're doing by a sudden thought that the person or pet is nearby, then that is the sense of presence. And you can rely on the fact that the person is there. Your subconscious is registering the presence as a sense, just as you register the sight of a sunset when you look at it. The sense of presence is a real sense.

The sense of presence may quickly turn into grief for you. You may not have realized it in the past, but when you suddenly feel deep grief, it very possibly is because you're having the sense of presence, and that turns into a desire to have the person with you, and that results in grief because you believe they can't be with you. But they are with you at that moment. You just have to learn that when you get the sense of presence to respond to it knowing the person is there rather than missing what it is and having it turn into deep grief.

Some people have physical senses, such as tingling on any part of the body, "buzzes," touches, or a feeling of warmth or cold. Your signals will be unique to you. They all are accompanied by a sudden sense that the person is near.

After you've finished reading these instructions, sit quietly for a moment and ask the person or pet in spirit to cooperate with you in this effort to recognize the sense of presence. Ask them to come to you when you least expect it. Ask them to give you some signal on your body if they are able to.

Then go about your daily routine for a week. See when the person or pet comes near and you feel the sense of presence. If it occurs to you that you haven't had a sense of presence for a few days, that thought is not a sense of presence. Go on with your business. It could be that you're anticipating and expecting too much. They may be waiting for you to calm down and forget about it.

When you get a sense of presence, relax for a moment and speak to the person or pet. Let them know you got the sense. They need to know that what they're doing is coming through to you. Your sense of presence may turn into grief before you can realize you're sensing the person is near. If so, the grief is part of your signal that the person has come to you.

Be aware of body sensations. It could be a cold or warm sensation on your lips, a kiss, or on your shoulders, a hug, or on your thigh, as they sit close to you, or tingling on your scalp, a classic indication of the presence of spirit, or any other physical sensation. Let them know you feel it. But you may get no physical sensations, only the sense of presence.

Most important! Don't judge! Don't fret over whether "it's really them." This is an ability that takes time and patience. In the first weeks or months of doing this, accept EVERYTHING as them. You'll be right most or all of the time, and eventually as you relax, you'll drop off any false alarms. You'll eventually settle into a familiar feeling in your mind and your body, that you'll know is them. You'll receive validations, and later when you're having a session in which you go to the place of love and meet them, they'll tell you what they were doing.

Be patient!

After around seven days, send an e-mail to Craig explaining what happened during the week at You can send an e-mail at any time before that if you would like to ask a question or share something.